Progress on Fand

Fand Goddess (WIP)

Fand Goddess (WIP)

Here is the progress on Fand. The choice to make the knotwork interlace in her border yellow has lengthened the process a good bit. It requires a few more layers, with a 000 brush and loads of careful turning. It gets to be like meditation for sure. It is paying off well though.

Fand details

Fand details

Lately I have been avoiding taking on commissions. Focusing on my current portfolio series instead. I enjoy the work, but don’t always enjoy being selected to work outside of my usual style and genre. I have however been playing at mixed media portraits. I get many inquiries on portraiture and seem to disapoint people who really want it. I am listening. I will experiment through the fall and possibly post some examples.

For exercise and quick money I am still doing my still life and nature works. These are about a quarter of the size of my usual work, and I can do one in about a day or two with time well allotted. (If anyone, in the area, goes Morel hunting- I would love to borrow them for a day) I should be able to finish most the exercise from this weekend up in a day or two. It was of some Acidenthera flowers from my old garden in Florida, I miss their scent. Soon I will experiment with selling these online and compare them to the local galleries and shows on turn around. This is all new for me still.

Currently I have a launch date set for October 31st for the gallery site with my originals. Yes the years end, and plan on the winter solstice to finish out the direct marketing and prints site. I just need to select a designer/ programmer to intergrate the perl shopping cart I need for the merchandising. Before then however, I will be offer Dagda prints up to poster size and on a stein. Hopefully all will transpire more timely even with the move that is planned.

One thing I have learned is that figures often get more money than say fruit. You just never know how the market online will go.

The commission I am working on now is of Bhodhidharma. The last commission I had of this type was for Joe Hurtsellers and the Martial Arts Center Bodhidharma will be more in my usual style. I have made a huge hault to any graphics work, except for close friends and family. You just can’t say yes to everyone and working for free is really not an option.

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