Artist In New Studio

Brenda D. Baker, In studio 2008

Brenda D. Baker, In studio 2008

Today, I gathered up a few supplies to finish some work at home. I have a few more small items to finish painting for the new site design. Then I have to do the graphic work. It is horribly frustrating , and I hate the corny “under construction” sign. However, I am content to celebrate each step forward. 

I am behind schedule. My mothers health issues with her brain tumors and other family challenges have taken much of my energy and time lately. All is well and smoothing out. The tumors are not cancerous, but causing blindness. It is not hereditary, but believed to be connected to hormone therapy.

Here I am in studio at my work table. The only thing not in the picture is the bowl of chocolates and coffee. It’s about as authentically me as it gets. My lil’ sprite daughter was having a load of fun rummaging through my supply drawers, as the photos were taken. Thanks for the support and nudging. I love every scrap of it! Soon, trust me soon!

For the few of you that have sent in emails about concerns over my being copied, I do appreciate the concerns. But I do not believe in or engage in competition as it is believed to exist. If said artist wanted to “copy” me, my genre, etc- that is their choice. It is not my art that is being possibly copied, rather just the genre of the series, it is fine. I do thank you for your concerns equally,and appreciate the intent to protect my efforts and work.

In history and today artist frequently “fed off” each other, for inspiration, to learn. Many famous artist were friends with other artists and often overlapped in style and genre thereby creating movements and periods in art history.

My concepts, goals, and plans, both artistic and business are well documented in journals and more, and there is nothing to worry over. I have more inspiration and series jotted and planned than my lifetime may be able to finish!.  Besides, they are also inspiring to me.

I rather like the idea of having a comrade that I can share so much of my interest and passion with. Someday we will meet over a warm cup of tea and have a good laugh I hope, easy enough as the artist is a few miles away here in Ohio. After all we may be so alike we are tuned into the same ethers. This happened often through out history with artists, scientist, and inventors alike!

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