Every Night Must Bare the Darkness of its Sky

Every Night Must Bare the Darkness of its Sky

Every night must bare the darkness of its sky;
And to the souls despair, every hour must testify.
Tremulous and laden is the grief that parts,
Whose burden lies deep in ever-longing hearts.
The new moon hangs her lonesome silhouette.
Wholly dark and sullen is that hour; yet
there is peace enough for hope to sustain
the nights witness, of its wax and wane.
Again the moon will hold her power and full illuminate
Through the grief and solitude of an anguished fate.
So take solace in your light that nightly will grow;
And find wonder in the awe of all that it does know.
For though now burdened, may the stars e’er testify
Every night can bare the darkness of its sky.

© Brenda D. Baker

This sonnet was inspired by the hardship that my closest friends, and other women have been enduring this last year. I wish you all the best, as you are all so inspiring!

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