Into Autumn

I love the onset of Autumn. Last week I saw canada geese on wing going south. This week my back yard has been frequented with robins and golden shafted flickers. The robins are so hungry and so numerous they are even hunting for insects up in the pines. It is usually around the harvest moon that I notice the wrens on wing.The squirrels too have started their angry fall chatter, So I know the walnuts are at the ripening. The trees are not holding so tight to their leaves in the storm. Some have even started to change colors.

The smell of the air is changing, and becoming cooler every week. I can’t wait to start out in the field to catch some stills of the season. Even more, I know I must keep the promise I made to myself to visit the old growth oak forest nearby. It is a follow up to a dream that I know I must follow up on.

Four large acorns, I planted in four corners of a plot of land. The acorns were enormous! I researched and found that the Burr Oak is the largest and that there is a large old growth forest nearby that is full of this type of oak. It was all in line with my objectives for the year. 1)Creating clear boundaries. 2) Maintaining and enforcing those boundaries. 3) Creating Sacred space for my work, within those boundaries. It is also clearly a strong and potent sign for all initiatives ‘planted’ this year.

One that the potential is immeasurable, but also a caution for the long reaching implications/permanence that will result from things taken on this year. All and all, it is exciting! I will be doing paintings of the oldest and largest oak I can find, I hope. The whole scale of it, the acorns, the leaves, and in the spring the flowering pollen fronds. If there are any notable burrs or nests, then those as well. I am hoping to do some more play at moon photography too, Perhaps I can find some tips on using a telescope in conjunction with it.

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