Fand, Irish Sea Goddess

Fand (line drawing)

Fand (line drawing)

I sketched this art work of Fand, Irish sea goddess, out a year ago. I have nearly finished painting it. Mostly, I have to work on the really fine details in the knot work border. That will take the most of what work is left at this point. Fand is sitting up on a rock looking at her ring, in the background are the cliffs. Here I have formed Fand as a mermaid. I will go into more details later.

I am using some really bright colors, and playing with some new and challenging textures, as well as new designs and beasts in the knotwork. It can be hard to find the right balance in my illustrations. That is where to hold back details for the purpose of emphasizing by contrast the main subjects. Well I will go into more detail on the key points of the illustration when I finish it.

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