Dagda the ‘Good God’, Irish God of Abundance and Fecundity

Dagda, The good god

Dagda, The good god

This watercolor painting is a representation of the Irish God Dagda. He is the ‘Good God’, because he is good at everything he does. He is also the god of the tribes and ancestors. I wanted to do a piece to diversify my portfolio’s usual subject matter. While this piece will no doubt seem very grim and dark to some, it is actually not at all.

In this painting is seen in the celtic otherworld. He is waiting for the beginning of Samhain Halloween to most; so that the feast and procession of the ancestors may commence. His cauldron, that in legend is ever replenishing, is upside down awaiting to be overturned for the feast.

His foot is over a hounds skull. This is to show the usual ‘rules’ separating the worlds are overpowered. His pose is casual and patient, to reflect his beneficent character. His mallet is at rest after a full harvesting of the earths bounty. On the sides you will notice Ravens representing his two goddess consorts Mór Ríoghain and Boann.

The color scheme, while not as vibrant as works in the Book of Kells or the Lindisfarne Gospels, is chosen specifically to reflect the colors of nature during Autumn. In the text area I chose ancient runes to write out the evocation/prayer. Ideally I might have translated it to the Gaelic language and then used the uncial alphabet. I ultimately decided that runes would add more to the mood of the piece. Furthermore, I decided to compose in english to ensure it could be deciphered more easily by most. It reads:

Dagda, Good God, Father of all, your generosity

we summon here to our hearth.

Ancestors of our grandparents, all of your wisdom

we summon here to our hearth.

Ever bind to our fate your blessings,

as we share the feast of abundant earth.

The photo above can’t reflect its amazing beauty at this size. The original painting is 22″ x 30 ” on 300 lb watercolor paper.

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  1. Jezcabelle says:

    beautiful on teh screen, but it really does not do justice to the details of the painting in real life…

    I love your work.

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